Privacy Policy |

Privacy Policy |

The feeling of trust that causes you to choose to make a reservation through is very important to us. Therefore, we duly and diligently protect and preserve the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.

Our privacy policy is valid for all transactions made through our website and the applications to which it is connected.

We make updates in our privacy policies from time to time in order to protect you and due to the structure of developing technology and systems. The privacy policy applicable to the reservation services you will make is subject to the privacy policy rules on the date of the reservation.

Credit Card Security

3D Secure payment system is used for your reservations made through With this payment system, your credit card information does not reach us and is not shared with us by the system.

3D Secure is the system developed to ensure the security of the cardholder and the card in payments made via the Internet, with credit and debit cards.

When making a payment with 3D Secure, a special 3D Secure payment screen offered by banks appears on the user's screen. A confirmation code is sent to the mobile phone number registered in the bank of the cardholder who wants to make a payment at the same time. If the code sent to the mobile phone is entered in the required field on the 3D Secure transaction screen and confirmation is not given, the payment will not be made. In other words, no one other than the cardholder can make the relevant payment.

Data collection

When you make a reservation, your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and all other information you specify during the reservation are stored in our highly secure digital information centers and are never shared with third parties.

We use security procedures and technical restrictions on the access and use of personal information. Our authorized personnel can only access personal information in order to fulfill their duties within the scope of our services. Our server and network are protected by intrusion firewalls, and we have breach detection systems built to monitor and detect any unauthorized access or exploits (and attempts to do so) on our servers.

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