User Terms of Service

User Terms of Service

User Terms of Service

ARTICLE 1 - Parties

This contract; On the one hand, with Evoteli Turizm Seyahat Acentası Bodrum Villa Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti, which is a Group A Türsab Agency with document number 8192 affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism (hereinafter referred to as ""), on the other hand, by entering the website between the shopping internet users, members, guests or visitors (hereinafter referred to as the "CUSTOMER"), within the framework of the terms and conditions set forth below. The contract date has been determined by the Customer as the day of becoming a member of or the day of reservation.

ARTICLE 2 - Subject of the Contract

The subject of this agreement is about the payment conditions, cancellation and return conditions of the service purchased by the CUSTOMER and the conditions to be complied with, the use of the site, the rights to add and publish advertisements, and the obligations of the parties.

ARTICLE 3 - Definitions

CUSTOMER: Refers to the person / internet users who make a reservation from the e-commerce site.

ADVERTISING OWNER: Refers to the person / internet users who add ads on the e-commerce site.

SITE: The e-commerce site with the domain name

SERVICE: Refers to all kinds of services offered for sale, offered to the CUSTOMER on the website

ADVERTISING: Refers to the product / service added to the website by the ADVERTISING OWNER and opened for sale.

SERVICE PRICE: The price offer for the service offered by the ADVERTISING OWNER.


RESERVATION: It is the situation where the CUSTOMER makes and receives a reservation for the service offered by the ADVERTISING OWNER from the address

AGREEMENT: This contract regarding the performance of the services concluded between the parties and specified in Article 2.

ARTICLE 4 - Scope of the Contract

4.1 All users connecting to on the internet are deemed to have accepted the entire agreement and the cancellation policy published on the site.

4.2 Persons under the age of 18 cannot make a reservation for any ADVERTISEMENT on the site. Reservations made by persons under the age of 18 on shall be deemed to have been accepted by the person making the reservation that the reservation process is under parental control and approval, since the payment will be made, and all responsibility belongs to the person making the reservation.

4.3 It uses the Virtual POS payment systems of banks operating in Turkey in the payment system of the site. In this context, no customer's credit card information; Internet banking passwords and information are not displayed by and no part of this information is stored in any digital medium.

4.4 ADVERTISING OWNER determines the cancellation policies for the ads they add to the system.

4.5 is not responsible for price errors caused by typographical and system errors. In case the ADVERTISING price is entered incompletely or incorrectly by the ADVERTISING OWNER due to typographical or system errors, reserves the right to demand the missing amount of the payment made for the reservation. In case this price is not accepted by the customer and service refund / cancellation is requested, the "cancellation policy" published on will be valid.

4.6 Posting and publishing advertisements on the system is free of charge.

ARTICLE 5 - User Accounts, Obligations and System Usage

5.1 CUSTOMER is responsible for the account opened on his behalf. Added content must not contain illegal or violating actions.

5.2 When the CUSTOMER realizes that a third party has accessed their account or that their login password has been changed without their knowledge, they should immediately notify of this situation. reserves the right to block the user account until the situation is clarified.

5.3 CUSTOMER is responsible for the accuracy of their contact information. is not responsible for the accuracy of CUSTOMER contact information.

5.4 Membership rights include persons who are not legally restricted, and persons under the age of 18 cannot become members.

ARTICLE 6 - Responsibilities and Obligations

6.1 is obliged to block the amount of the contract price to be made between the advertiser and the guest and to pay the rental fee to the advertiser, excluding the service fee, after the reservation is made. 6.2 is not responsible for the behavior of the users, the non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract between the users and the damages that may arise for both parties.

6.3 Responsible for the confidentiality of all written information declared by the users in the reservation request form.

6.4 Responsible for tracking user payments, reservation changes, customer service support during working hours.

6.5 is not responsible for incorrect information and changes not made on time in the reservation request.

6.6 cannot make any changes to the contract terms determined by the advertiser.

6.7 The contents and images published on are provided by the advertisers and providers, and they have the right to change and delete them at any time, is not responsible for such cases.

ARTICLE 7 - Service Fee Payment

7.1 Ads for sale on the website are offered for sale for the total price specified in the ad. Advertisement prices are determined by the advertisers and added to the system. The system lists the prices of the advertisement on the requested date by calculating the prices determined by the advertisement owner for the days selected by the guest.

7.2 charges a service fee over the total rental price for each reservation, provided that it is collected from the guest in return for the service it provides.

7.3 The received service fee is clearly notified to the guest during the reservation process.

ARTICLE 8 - Responsibilities of Advertisers

8.1 The owner of the ad is obliged to respond positively or negatively to the request within 24 hours when the reservation request is received by the users.

8.2 The owner of the advertisement and the providers are obliged to deliver the accommodation to the guest in a condition suitable for use and operation in accordance with the purpose of the contract.

8.3 The owner of the advertisement is obliged to make the necessary repairs during the stay of the guest, at his own expense, as soon as the guest is notified.

8.4 Advertisers and providers must not provide false information about the guest's accommodation. The guest has the right to cancel the reservation if he/she has given misleading information about the advertisement.

8.5 Covering the compulsory insurance, tax and similar obligations regarding the accommodation place belongs to the advertiser.

8.6 The guest has the right to cancel the reservation unconditionally in the following cases * The guest cannot reach the owner of the ad to be

9.7 In case of any complaint, the guest has to document this situation. In such a case, the guest must contact within 24 hours. Failure, problem and request notifications after the 24-hour notification period has elapsed will be evaluated between the advertiser and the guest. Announcement Cancellation Policy will apply for cancellation requests after 24 hours.

9.8 Some advertisers may want to make an extra contract with the guest, the guest should be prepared for this situation.

9.9 The guest should write the information requested from him/her during the reservation truthfully. The guest is responsible for the accuracy of the information given, as the owner of the announcement has the right to cancel the reservation in false information statements. Refunds are not made for reservation cancellations caused by incorrectly declared information.

9.10 According to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, “daily rented houses” have been added to the facilities listed in the 1st paragraph of the 2nd article of the Identification Law No. 1774. Thus, the final version of the aforementioned article was arranged as follows. Responsible operators of hotels, motels, inns, hostels, single rooms, daily rental houses, camps, camping, holiday villages and all kinds of private or official accommodation, private health institutions, rest and retirement homes, religious and charitable institutions' social facilities. Keeping the identity and arrival-departure records of all domestic or foreign people for whom they show a place to sleep, paid or free, in these places, day to day, in accordance with the example and procedure, to keep them ready for inspection by general law enforcement organizations at any time, to submit them to the State Institute of Statistics, upon request. they have to.” “All kinds of private or official accommodation facilities listed in Article 2 of this Law are obliged to keep all their records on the computer day by day, by connecting to the computer terminals of the general law enforcement officers and notifying the general law enforcement officers instantly of the existing information, documents and records. Accordingly, the guests and their accompanying persons must provide the information and documents (ID, passport) requested by at the time of booking in a truthful manner.

The documents requested from you must be submitted during the stay. The guest is responsible for the accuracy of the information given, since the owner of the announcement has the right to cancel the reservation in the statements that do not comply with the truth. Refunds are not made for reservation cancellations caused by incorrectly declared information. Note: Please inform your name changes before or on the same day of your accommodation.

ARTICLE 10 - Reservation Cancellations, Changes and Payment

10.1 The prepayment fee for confirmed reservations becomes valid after depositing into our company account or after the payment is made by credit card.

10.2 Cancellation of a reservation is made by notifying in writing via fax or e-mail, provided that the cancellation policy of the announcement made is valid. In case of reservation cancellations, the service fee is strictly non-refundable, and cancellation is made in accordance with the terms of the cancellation policy applied by the advertiser. Announcement cancellation policy is determined by the advertiser and helps the advertiser to implement the selected policy. Possible disputes that may arise from cancellation policies do not bind and a solution must be found between the advertiser and the customer. We recommend that you review our cancellation conditions before canceling your reservation.

10.3 In case of problems that may arise due to various reasons, technical problems or problems arising from the service provider, may cancel the service provided that the guest is informed. When the service cancellation is made by, the entire payment is returned to the guest.

10.4 The guest must notify in writing, at least 24 hours before check-in, in case of lengthening, shortening, changing the number of guests to stay, increase or decrease in the number of people for the reservation they have made. Requested changes will be made in case of compliance with accommodation and cancellation policies. In such cases, an extra fee may be incurred. If the money transfer payment option is selected during the reservation, the specified amount must be sent to our bank accounts by wire transfer/eft method, within 48 hours at the most from the reservation realization time.

Bank account :

Bank name : AKBANK 

Acoount Name Bodrum Villa Turizm Tic.Ltd.Şti


TR52 0004 6002 7988 8000 2061 23 TL

TR12 0004 6002 7903 6000 2061 29 EUR

TR62 0004 6002 7900 1000 2061 28 USD

TR15 0004 6002 7900 3000 2061 30 GBP

ARTICLE 11 - Comment Policy

11.1 Only members have the right to comment on the platform. In this case, all comments made on our website are genuine and made by users.

11.2 If the comments contain offensive and threatening language, the name and surname of the advertiser or the person to be contacted and/or the address of the flat, if they have an advertisement feature, the comments will be deleted by

ARTICLE 12 - Term of Validity and Termination

Users and have made a contract for an indefinite period. may terminate the user agreement at any time, provided that two weeks' notice is given.

ARTICLE 13 - Privacy Policy

Your personal information, which you transmit to us through the website, by contacting our office staff directly by telephone, fax or office, is never shared with third parties.

ARTICLE 14 - Cancellation Policies

All your payments will be refunded for cancellations up to 30 days before the check-in date. No refunds will be made for cancellations made in less than 30 days and a 100% deduction will be applied.

 50% refund for cancellations up to 30 days before your check-in date. No refunds will be made for cancellations made in less than 30 days and a 100% deduction will be applied.

A 50% refund is given for cancellations up to 60 days prior to your SOLID guest check-in date. No refunds will be made for cancellations made in less than 30 days and a 100% deduction will be applied.

ARTICLE 15 - Taxation and Invoice

15.1 For reservations made through, issues an invoice equal to the service fee.

15.2 Landlords must declare their rental income. Landlords who are not taxpayers cannot issue invoices, they can only file tax returns.

15.3 Businesses or commercial facilities that have residences, apartments or business licenses on the platform must issue an invoice to the guest for the fee they collect from the guest through

ARTICLE 16 - Closing Provisions

16.1 This contract, deemed to have been made between and the Users, will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Muğla province Bodrum courts are authorized.

16.2 The contact information of the user in the member account, especially the e-mail address, must be up-to-date. Accessibility must be provided by

Data Controller: Bodrum Villa Turizm Tic.Ltd.Şti

Postal address: Zengin Hüseyin Sok.Gumbet Mh No27-C Bodrum Muğla

E-mail address:

KEP address: team

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